Discover the adventure
of Bible study

Discover the adventure of Bible study


(Nathan Johnson)

Dear Friend,

If you are a Christian who is serious about growing spiritually, knowing Jesus intimately, and understanding the depth of God's Word . . . this may be one of the most life-changing books you’ll ever read (outside the Bible, obviously).

But before we go any further, a warning:

This book is not for everyone.

I wrote this book for Christians who …

  • believe the Bible is actually God's Word

  • desire to submit beneath the authority of Scripture

  • want God to transform their lives and make them "conformed to the image of Christ" (Romans 8:29).

  • believe God's promise that He is a "rewarder of those who diligently seek Him" (Hebrews 11:6)

  • are tired of passive, self-centered "Christianity" and rather want Christ to be preeminent and center of their lives

  • want to learn how to move from checking off their "devotional time" to experiencing a vibrant relationship with Jesus as they read and study the Bible

We live in a generation that commonly sees the Bible as boring, intimidating, or irrelevant. Scripture has taken a backseat in our lives, and as such, we’ve lost our way. But Bible study isn’t meant to be complicated, confusing, or intimidating—it’s supposed to be one of the greatest joys and adventures of our lives.

In this new and fresh guide to Bible study, I want to give you a simple and clear path that will help you know how to study God’s Word and uncover the proper posture and motivation to do so.


  • how to deepen your spiritual life

  • how to continually increase in relationship and intimacy with Jesus

  • how Scripture can radically transform your life

  • the blessings and benefits of God’s Word

  • a simple plan to study the Bible

  • guided studies to help you practically study passages and topics

Our lives as Christians are to be marked by truth, triumph, joy, peace, and greater intimacy with God—but these are only found by saturating within the pages of Scripture. This book will show you how.

Saturating in the Bible has been one of the greatest catalysts for my spiritual growth and love for Jesus these past twenty years.

And I believe it can radically change your life too.

… [if] you, too, desire to be one of the few in this generation that genuinely and passionately pursues the Person of Jesus Christ through the pages of Scripture. I can think of no better way to begin that epic journey than by reading this book.

Eric Ludy, bestselling author and international speaker

This book is about more than just learning HOW to study

This book is different from every other Bible study book you’ve ever read.

Most merely focus on a few techniques to help you study, but Saturation Bible Study not only gives a practical system and plan to study passages and topics, it also details …

  • the difference between knowing Jesus and knowing about Jesus … and how that makes all the difference in Bible study (ch. 2)

  • why you need to experience spiritual heartburn (ch. 3)

  • the two most important reasons to read and study the Bible (ch. 5)

  • the 5 things your life must be marked with to get the most from your study (ch. 6)

  • the 7 key types of context and how they affect the depth, meaning, and insight of a passage (ch. 9)

  • And that doesn't even cover the 100+ pages in the Appendix that covers everything from the structure and authority of Scripture . . . to the most common struggles in Bible study and how Saturation solves them all . . . to guided studies to help you observe a text, study a passage, and dive deep into a topical study

  • And a whole lot more

Knowing how much saturating in Scripture has changed my life over the past twenty years, I am super excited for you to experience a similar transformation as you dive into God's Word.

As such, I am trying to remove as many hurdles as possible so you can join me and a community of thousands of others who are discovering the adventure of knowing Jesus through His Word as He transforms us with His truth.

So, for a limited time …

get a special discount on the book

digital ebook


(value: $10)


  • the digital (epub) version of Saturation Bible Study

ebook + audiobook


(value: $30)


  • the digital (epub) version

  • the audiobook (in MP4 and MP3 versions)


quickstart bundle


(value: $375)


  • the digital (epub) version

  • the audiobook (in MP4 and MP3 versions)

  • the quickstart online course

  • $300 worth of bonuses (see below)


buy the physical book and get a discount off the quickstart bundle!

I love physical copies of books . . . especially ones like Saturation Bible Study.

So if you want a physical copy AND the bundle – order your copy of the paperback book from Amazon or Ellerslie and click the button below. When you enter your receipt number, we will send you a special discount code you can use to get $10 off the bundle.

Look inside

The Quickstart Bundle

The quickstart bundle includes:

  • the digital (epub) version

  • the audiobook (in MP4 and MP3 versions)

  • the Saturation Quickstart Online Course

Part One – Key Concepts

Session 1: Welcome (3 min)

Session 2: The Importance of Heartburn in Bible Study (6 min)

Session 3: My Favorite Greek Word and Why It’s Essential to Saturation (16 min)

Session 4: The Focus of Scripture (13 min)

Session 5: Saturation 101 (13 min)

Session 6: The Not So Secret Secret of Bible Study (7 min)

Session 7: The Passage Principle (7 min)

Session 8: Pushing the "Send" Button (9 min)

Session 9: Deep and Wide (it's more than a kid's song) (5 min)

Part Two – Practical Study

A Guided Saturation Study of Psalm 23

  • Plus these bonuses …

BONUS 1: Quickstart Course Notebook (72 pages)

Receive a PDF notebook of the Saturation Quickstart Course which includes the entire guided saturation study of Psalm 23 .

(Valued at $15)

BONUS 2: Shadows of the Cross

Discover Jesus on every page of Scripture. In these five teaching videos, Nathan will help you see how even the Old Testament proclaims Jesus Christ and His work upon the Cross.

(Valued at $40)

BONUS 3: Word from Word Volumes 1-2 (by Stephen Manley)

Get a PDF download of the first two volumes of Stephen Manley's saturation guide to 1 John.

(Valued at $10)

BONUS 4: Expositional Bible Study Course (by Stephen Manley)

This course hasn't been available for over a decade. And now for the release of Saturation Bible Study, get access to Stephen Manley's course from early 2000s on the concepts of saturation, exposition, and preaching. This course contains 22 sessions approximately thirty minutes each.

(Valued at $145)

BONUS 5: $100 discount on the 2024 Israel Bible Study Tour

Join Nathan in March 2024 for a Bible Study Tour of Israel to experience the profound depth of studying your Bible where it happened. Registration opens early April, and by purchasing the Quickstart Bundle, you'll receive an extra $100 off the cost of the 2024 trip.

(Valued at $100)

BONUS 6: Get a bonus $10 discount on the bundle

When you buy a physical copy of Saturation Bible Study (via Amazon or Ellerslie) and you send us your receipt number (click here), we will send you a special coupon code you can use to get an additional $10 off the cost of the quickstart bundle.

(Valued at $10)

The [Bible] became more than academic writings; the voice of Jesus sounded in my heart through the Scriptures. . . . I want this for you as well. May this book on Saturation Bible Study open up for you a greater intimacy with Jesus through His Word.

– Dr. Stephen Manley, itinerant evangelist and author

But don't wait … time is limited

Several of my friends told me the price of the bundle is way too low and I should at least charge double. And I know it's crazy.

But my goal from the beginning has been to equip the Church with a practical and transformative way to study God's Word. In short, I want Christians to return to the authority of the Bible in their lives.

I intentionally launched the Quickstart Bundle at a lower price to celebrate all God has done to get the book released . . . and to bless those who want to action now.

Which means, we are going to increase the price in the near future.

So if you want take advantage of the low launch price, don't wait!

Here's what others are saying …

"The appendix alone is worth more than the price of the book!" – David C.

"… the book is ‘meaty’ with deep content, but it’s also easy to read and follow, honest, and relatable. … There is a lot to think about and chew on but it’s also super practical, which, in my opinion, is a perfect balance for a book about Bible study." – Hannah L.

"I really enjoyed it! It was so much more than what I thought it would be. … it will be a great asset to anyone who wants to know God more and grow in a deeper relationship with Him." – Tracy H.

“This book is timely, convicting, and rich! It will be a blessing to many.”

– Paul H.

"I found it to be a great resource to study the Bible. No study has ever been like this … I have tried so many studies as well as study groups. I always felt let down because it wasn’t what I was looking for to help me understand or grasp the understanding of the Bible in my search for a deeper relationship with Jesus. So thank you!"

– Nan R.

"This book is so needed! I'm grateful Nathan put the effort and work into this book. The result is a resource for carefully and prayerfully studying God's Word."

– Arabah Joy

"I really like your book; it's clear, straightforward and very helpful." – Noreen S.

"I thoroughly enjoyed the book." – Johnathan H.

"It was a pleasure to read and really beneficial for my own personal time in Bible study."

– Priscilla K.

"The Lord is going to use this book to touch hearts and provide practical steps to growing deeper with Jesus…" – Paige H.

"I really enjoyed reading your book … God used it to convict me of sin, and to remind me of precious truths from His Word. I'm looking forward to recommending it to others…" – Jessica W.


"I know you'll love the book" Guarantee

I know you'll love this book and I'm confident God can use it to give you a greater passion for Himself and His Word that I'm willing to take the risk of your purchase.

So here's my guarantee: if you’re unhappy for any reason, just email me within 30 days of your purchase and I'll refund your money with no questions asked … and you can still keep the ebook, audiobook, or the entire bundle with bonuses.


How long do I have access to the Quickstart Online Course?

You have "lifelong" access – meaning for as long as you, the internet, and/or deeperChristian is around. Simply, you have ongoing access so you can go through the material at your own pace and return to it as often as you'd like.

How soon do I receive access once I purchase?

Instantly … well, actually we are limited to the speed of the internet emailing you … so basically 2.3 seconds. When you purchase either the ebook, ebook+audiobook, or the quickstart bundle, you will be directed to a page where you can access the content (and an email detailing the purchase and a link to access the content) is automatically sent to you.

If the Quickstart Bundle is valued at over $350, why are you selling it so cheap?

I have a deep passion to equip Christians with Christ-centered teaching and resources … and while it does take a lot of money each month to run deeperChristian (as of right now, the majority of that is either from my own personal resource or the kind gifts of friends and ministry partners), I want to the bundle to be a "no brainer" … where you say, "Wow! That's an amazing deal! I want it!"

What if I want a refund?

I'm confident God can use Saturation Bible Study to radically change your life. But I realize the book isn't for everyone. While I can't refund any purchases of the physical book you bought through Amazon or Ellerslie, if you purchased the ebook, ebook+audiobook, or the Quickstart Course from deeperChristian and don't think it's useful or valuable in your life, I'll be happy to refund you. Just send an email (within 30 days of purchase) to with your name, email, and refund request.

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